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Are you still wasting money on print ads that don't bring any real leads? Do you even know if anyone is actually looking at those ads? We want you to know there is a better way to advertise your limousine business and to spend your hard-earned advertising dollars.

Right now, thousands of customers are looking for limousine services in your area. GoServices is a marketing system created to help limo owners like you to connect with these customers and grow your limousine business. We receive hundreds of limo customer leads every day that we distribute to our limousine company members.

Our website can match local customers in need of limousine services with your company. You decide what types of limousine services your limo company provides, what dates you are available on, which local airports/areas you serve, etc. You will only get the customer leads you want to get.

Don't waste your money on search engine clicks and yellow pages print ads. Only pay for the actual limousine customer leads and save money. You only pay when we bring you business.

How much would you pay for a new customer?

Percentage of Leads Booked Cost Per Booking Revenue Per Booking
30 % of all received leads $3.30 per booking $76.70 of new revenue per booking
20 % of all received leads $4.25 per booking $75.05 of new revenue per booking
10 % of all received leads $9.90 per booking $70.10 of new revenue per booking

Here's a simple example:

Let's say you receive 100 leads each month with total advertising cost of $99.

If you book only 20% of all received leads, you get 20 new customers each month.

Each new customer / booking only costs you $4.95 in advertising budget.

Each of these customers books an average $80 ride with you.

You get $75.05 of revenue from each of these customers with total new monthly revenue of $1,501.

Plus, you just gained 20 new customers who may use your service again in the future and possibly recommend your company to others.

So, in the end you get lower advertising costs, a new revenue stream, full control over your member account plus regular additions to your customer base. New limousine companies join our transportation network every day all over United States.

Are you ready to grow your business?

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Join GoServices today and enjoy one month of FREE customer referrals. Yes, that's right - if you join our network today, we will send customer leads to you for 30 days... for FREE!

Now, if you have more questions, please check out our FAQs or contact us directly. Otherwise, if you are ready to become a member, please click Join Network button to start.