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Transportation Carriers are currently charged two fees for participation in GoServices network.

(a) Annual Non-Refundable Membership Fee. For a limited time only GoServices will not charge Members an Annual Fee for their first year. From and after one (1) year from the date of acceptance of a Membership Application, Members must pay an annual nonrefundable membership fee which ranges from $1.00/yr. and upward.

(b) Per Lead Fee(s). Members are also charged a per lead fee for each time that:

  • Customer submits “Request for Bid” or "Request for Service" (taxis only) to an individual Member identified via the Service Directory
  • Customer submits a “Request for Bid” or "Request for Service" (taxis only) via Service Finder
  • Customer submits request for Member to contact Customer directly via “Contact Request” option

To view GoServices per lead fees for your company's business type, please select business type below:

Business type

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Now, if you have more questions, please check out our FAQs or contact us directly. Otherwise, if you are ready to join our network, please click Join Network button to proceed.