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Limousine Bookings for Special Events - Weddings, Proms and Other Occasions

For any a bride, a debutante, young woman going to her first prom, or a budding celebrity attending an all-important ceremony, nothing adds glitz and glamour than arriving via an elegant limousine.

In almost any city or town, quality limo services or car rental businesses offer a wide range of limousine models to match the taste and image of their clients and customers. As car rental services are charged by the hour, the cost of renting a limo varies on the model and make of the unit.

One can choose from limousine coaches, buses, SUVs to Hummers, or even restored vintage models – anything to make that special event more memorable and striking.

However, it is common knowledge that getting a limousine reservation during wedding or prom season is not only costly, but is also virtually impossible. And while as a business owner, you may want to take advantage of the law of supply and demand – jacking up prices to take advantage of last-minute prom goers or harried couples – the opposite move would be more for your best interest.

Limo Promotions - Budget Packages, Incentives, and Discounts

In advertising or promoting your limousine business, you must bear in mind that people start scouting for limousine services or a car rentals months ahead of a planned event for two reasons: first, they want to guarantee the availability of the car, and second, they’re looking for the best deals in town.

Here’s how to structure your limo advertising or business plan around weddings and special occasions:

· Hiring a limo can be quite expensive, so even couples who want to look their best during weddings or proms, will be quick to retain your services if you put together an “early bird” plan for limousine reservations scheduled and paid for well in advance.

Just be sure to have a well-worded and air-tight contract that would protect you in cases of cancellations or event postponements.

· Another effective limo promotion would be to offer group discounts during prom or debutante season. This doesn’t mean attempting to cram as many teenagers inside a stretch limo, rather offering lower rates for say, four or five limo reservations made for the same event.

The advertising campaign itself could be as simple as distributing flyers or putting up posters at schools or student hang outs months before the prom. This way, students already know the name which car service business number to call.

· Themes and Motifs - Some limo service companies offer 'wedding packages' which include a just married sign, champagne, flowers and ribbons with the use of the limo for a fixed number of hours.

Never take for granted the importance of giving your customers some special attention. The simple gesture of trying to make the event as hassle-free for them can often make your company the preferred limousine service business or car rental agency.

· Have an “open garage” day – this is the car rental industry’s version of an open house. Here you have the chance to showcase your best limousine models and have them available for potential customers to look at and explore.

This is a great opportunity to pitch to them how your limo business always maintains the interior and exterior of your cars. And, more importantly, show clients how professional and courteous your chauffeurs are.

Given all these, your business will surely be known as a quality limo rental firm. Best of all, each customer leaves your office assured that he or she is treated like well-heeled celebrity, regardless of their financial situation.

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