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Why Your Car Service Business Should Keep Up With the Times

If you’re planning to venture into the limousine business for different types of occasions, you may be surprised to find out how much the industry has evolved over the years.

What used to be a service reserved only for the elite and extremely privileged has now become available to ordinary people from all walks of life. Virtually anyone can now fulfill what was formerly just a dream to have a uniformed chauffer drive you around that special class reunion, wedding reception, fund raiser, or a red carpet affair and step out of shiny new stretch limo amidst the oohs and ahhhs of an impressed crowd.

The appeal of the limo industry has always been that Cinderella dream. For, it were merely transportation, one can just as easily rent a car or contract a cab service from any destination or location in the world. But the limousine carries an air of silent dignity at the same time as it conveys the message “I–have-arrived” on behalf of the customer.

At Liberty To Choose

Limousines are generally long luxury vehicles able to accommodate 6 or more passengers. It is originally a car, which has been remodeled to become roomier and offer more comfort to its passengers – hence the term stretched limos. In most urban centers, stretched Cadillac and Lincolns with their uniformed chauffer are regular fare.

But as like any business, the limousine bookings or reservations also experienced a slump. For want of something new, limousine business owners learned to be innovative and creative with their approach towards rental car services. The traditional stretch limo has been replaced with a variety of car options suited for the purpose, occasion, preference and budget of the customer.

For the female clientele car manufactures developed the newer and more flashy pink Hummer limo series. During times when a client would rather blend in with the crowd without giving up on luxury, a limo rental services may offer an American or German luxury sedan, for example an S-Class Mercedes or perhaps even a BMW 750.

Indeed the car service industry has evolved from a simple luxury vehicle transportation business to an industry that is able to meet the demands of discriminating customers – they have something for airport commutes, business entertainment night outs, to out of town sightseeing trips.

Clients can now chooser from Sports Utility Vehicles, modified vans and buses, and some even offer armored vehicles for the use of politicians and celebrities.

Here are but a few examples of modern day limousines.

Audi A8L, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 760li, Hummer H2, Leyland Miracle, Lincoln Town Car L Edition, and the Cadillac DTS, the limo bus, and the stretch SUV limos.

These modern and less formal rental vehicles boast of cutting edge technology and the best of built-in comforts like fully-stocked bars, surround sound TV and audio systems, revolving seats, and even your very own private disco!

Besides that, an effort to make the limousine even roomier has brought about the advent of the stretch Hummer era. While looking as tough as chain mail and armor, a stretch Hummer may be configured to so that 20 people can manage to move comfortably.

Additions like hardwood floors, multiple large flat-screen tvs, mirror balls and a surround sound system can transform a rental into an instant private party.

The bottom line is, the car service industry has learned to keep up with the hi-tech and fast-paced lifestyle of its clients by bringing in bigger, faster and sturdier cars.

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