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Limo Business Tips – How to Clean Leather Upholstery on Limousines

The limousine is a symbol of luxury, refinement and class. Dressing up a limousine with leather upholstery not only adds to its appeal, but also contributes to plush status. For a limousine business owner, the clients satisfied sighs as he sinks into or snuggles in the comfort of his rental car’s leather upholstery is worth more than the double effort it requires to clean them up.

Indeed while automotive leather is considered the pinnacle of upholstery choices – it is a huge investment in terms of cost and maintenance as leather requires meticulous care. Remember this: along with the cozy leather seats and interiors comes the responsibility of keeping them clean.

Proper care for a limousine’s leather upholstery more than simply maintains its lustrous appearance, it also minimizes wear and tear. Regular maintenance also adds years to the life of leather upholstery and could help boost the limousine’s resale value in the years to come.

Leather Upholstery Basics – Why It’s Worth Keeping Your Limo Clean

Naturally, it is inevitable for even the most expensive leather upholstery to deteriorate over time. Because leather was once live, breathing skin, it is composed of thousands upon thousands of intertwined fibers, with permeable pores – this makes it more vulnerable to damage and deterioration.

Automotive leather upholstery, most especially, reacts adversely to extreme temperatures. Intense heat or coldness, water or moisture, as well excessively dry temperatures are lethal to your limo's leather coverings. These conditions are known to be responsible for the appearance of dull cracks or tears on the surfaces on your leather upholstery.

Like any cleaning ritual, leather upholstery maintenance should start with a thorough vacuuming of your limousine. By this we mean every corner, nook, cranny, and crevice reachable by human hand or vacuum nozzle. You see, if left to its own devices, even just plain and simple dirt can ruin leather upholstery.

The next crucial step is removing harmful oil and dirt that may have accumulated in the leather. This wiping down process requires the use of soft materials – preferably a piece of cotton cloth or old t-shirt – so as not to cause further damage to the sensitive material.

Using rough fiber-severing abrasives can rub off the dye or tanning agent used in making the leather. Over time, this gives the limo upholstery a dull appearance and far-from appealing texture.

Another big no-no is using just any kind of soap or household cleaner. Soaps contain alkalis, which cause permanent and irretrievable damage to leather. Given the huge investment you had already made, it would be wise to use cleaning products that match the type of leather upholstery on your limousine.

Lastly, apply conditioner to the leather. Conditioners are used to protect the seats from harmful UV rays and prevent the fibers from getting brittle. It revitalizes the leather’s fiber pores and replenishes lost oil and moisture.

A word of caution though, conditioners also contain chemicals that risk damaging something as expensive as a limousine’s leather upholstery. Always remember to test any new product against a small area before applying liberally.

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